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Our Favourite Country Clothes Products

Today’s country clothing combines traditional style with the latest in fabric and fashion design technology, producing garments that are at once classic and contemporary. We choose every item that we supply based on the impressive reputations of their manufacturers and, put simply, we love them all.

This appreciation of our entire range of country clothing and accessories led to the suggestion that we should create an ‘Our Favourite Products’ section on the website. Although it initially seemed like a wonderful idea, it has led to many heated debates at Ken Varey’s about just what deserved to be included!

After much listing, shortlisting and re-shortlisting of products, we finally agreed on 15 to be added to the new section. As the seasons change and style evolves and develops, this section is sure to keep changing so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter in order not to miss out on the very best of Ken Varey’s country clothing.

Two products from the ‘Our Favourite Products’ area of the website are listed below; please enjoy browsing the rest of the section and kit yourself out for the autumn with Ken Varey’s Country Clothing.

Barbour Ladies Jacket - Eskdale

Though we mentioned the debates held at Ken Varey’s about what to include in our new section, there was little disagreement that this iconic garment should make it onto the list. With the smart and striking combination of Chocolate and Terracotta colours (outer and lining respectively), this jacket is flattering to all body shapes and is lined with the thermal quilting that is signature to the world-renowned country clothing manufacturer.

A truly classic cut means that the Barbour Eskdale Ladies Jacket will hold pride of place in your collection of country clothing.

Jack Murphy Wax Jacket - Sedgefield II

A country clothing manufacturer that needs no introduction, Jack Murphy create unique garments loaded with functional and decorative features the Jack Murphy Sedgefield II is no exception.

This is a truly handsome jacket which is available in a choice of three earthy tones perfectly suited to country clothing. For this season, a new and much-improved fit has been designed, allowing the wearer to achieve an effortless combination of comfort, warmth and style.

This piece of classic country clothing boasts so many expert finishing touches that it is hard to know where to begin. These functional and decorative features include (though this list is very far from being exhaustive!) a dedicated credit/debit card pocket, antique-style brass snaps, traditional top to cord collar, storm tab and pockets lined with a soft and luxurious hand-warming microfleece.

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