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With Half a Century of Excellence you can't beat Berghaus' Outdoor Clothing

Of the many brands of outdoor clothing and footwear out there, Berghaus is one of the most highly-renowned in the world. Ken Varey Town and Country Wear is proud to stock a select range of Berghaus clothing, designed to keep you looking and feeling great throughout the year.

Berghaus was founded in 1966 in Newcastle. The founders, Gordon Davison and Peter Lockey, both experienced climbers, became frustrated at the lack of quality outdoor clothing available on the market at the time. After importing several items for their own use, the pair decided to go one step further and create their own business. The company was an immediate success and has grown exponentially ever since, as they now ship their products all over the world.

Here is a little taste of our Berghaus range to whet your appetite...

Berghaus Tephra jacket 1Tephra Stretch Down Jacket for Him

Berghaus as a company is particularly renowned for their dedication to source materials with a strict regard for ethical awareness. The Tephra Stretch Down Jacket is a truly stylish garment and is filled with ethically-sourced hydrophobic down, which ensures you stay dry and warm on the inside no matter how wet you get on the outside.

The windproof, waterproof design keeps the warmth in for an incredible 16 hours when the garment is soaking wet so its perfect for summer (just kidding!).

Berghaus Deluge Ladies Jacket Blue 1Deluge Light Waterproof Jacket for Her

Available in either blue or red, both of which are especially vibrant, this actively-styled garment is a stunning addition to the Berghaus collection.

It's particularly versatile so whether you're strolling along a busy street or taking a strenuous hike through the wilderness, this jacket is going to be your best friend. If you need to take it off, it can easily be packed away into a surprisingly small space.

Berghaus Spectrum Black Fleece 1Spectrum Micro Fleece for Him

The Spectrum Micro Fleece Jacket comes from the Berghaus MADEKIND collection, which comprises of an array of elegantly-styled yet high-performance outdoor wear that is manufactured with the health of the planet (and its people) held firmly in mind.

More than 50% of the fleece is recycled and the jacket features an interactive zip, allowing it to be easily and securely fastened to any interactive outer shell. Smart, lightweight and extremely comfortable, this jacket is a work of art.

Take a look at these and more on our Berghaus brand page

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