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Loake Bedale Shoes & Boots - New In!

Loake Bedale have a long, rich history of dedication to pure craftsmanship and we are proud to include this sumptuous footwear in our country clothes range.

The hugely-influential brand was established in Kettering way back in 1880 by brothers John, William and Thomas Loake. Word of their quality footwear quickly began to spread and the brothers built and opened a factory in 1894 to cope with the growing demand. Loake utilised a welted construction process dating back 300 years which remains vastly unchanged to this day. Loake continues to operate from the Kettering factory and is now headed by John Loake’s great-grandson Andrew, who is ‘immensely proud’ of the commitment of his ancestors.

Loake continue to use the tried-and-trusted Goodyear welting process alongside other, more modern construction methods. This means that a broad variety of shoes and boots are available to perfectly suit any given occasion.

Since it was established, Loake has grown to be a major exporter of quality footwear to more than 50 countries worldwide and has fabricated in excess of 50m pairs of boots and shoes. This unmitigated and undeniable success was a major factor in our decision to carry this wonderful collection, which includes:

  • Blenheim Chelsea Boots - formed from quality waxy leather of a delicious nutty-brown colouration, these hardy boots feature leather insoles for added comfort and have a sturdy Dainite sole of studded rubber

  • Buckingham Brogues - a premium choice, this is a magnificent pair of brogue shoes with a full leather lining. Rendered exclusively in smart black, these are perfect for keeping your feet relaxed during a long day at the office

  • Loake 1880 Boots - cool, classic style combines with the ultimate comfort in these exquisitely-designed brogue boots. With a handsome tan colouration and calf leathers of a mahogany oiled grain, Loake 1880 boots are incredibly sophisticated yet versatile enough for both smart and casual events

There are lots more Loake Bedale boots and shoes to discover in the ‘New In’ section of our country clothes website so why not start browsing now?

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