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Pop-a-Pom: Join the Pompom Revolution!

A key element of your winter wardrobe is headgear and everyone is going to need a warm wooly hat or two for those icy-cold days. We are excited to introduce a brand new creation from the expert designers at Joules: get ready to be amazed by this season’s must-have hat!

The wooly hat is a staple of the winter wardrobe and no wooly hat is complete without the trademark pom-pom embellishing it. Indeed, the pom-pom is often the defining feature of a winter hat and provides much of the aesthetic value. So haven’t you often wished you could change it to suit your mood and current outfit? Well, now you can!

The designers at Joules obviously share our little obsession with the pom-pom and have created a clever, innovative design for the upcoming winter season. The Pop-a-Pom hat fulfils your craving and lets you detach the pom-pom at will, adding a different one in a matter of seconds. The new pom-pom clips right on where the old one was detached, giving you an instant pom-pom fix and changing your look at a moment’s notice!

Joules Pop-a-Pom Bobble Hat-Cream, Black, Red, Navy and Pink

Does this mean you’ll have to carry a spare pom-pom around? Yes it does, but the designers at Joules have come up with a way to make it useful. Your second pom-pom attaches securely to a keyring and so can always be with you; the pom-pom you detach can be stored here until you next want to change it.

Each pom-pom is lovingly crafted from a tactile, sensuous mixture of soft cotton and cashmere, half-lined with smooth microfleece, that feels amazing on your fingertips.

Joules Key Pom Keyring- Navy, Silver and Magenta

The Pop-a-Pom hat from Joules is a great way to create a brand new look for the upcoming winter season and can inspire you in building your wardrobe from the top down. Joules clothing is always exciting, innovative and unique and this product is definitely no exception. Like all Joules products, 100% quality is guaranteed and you can expect the most competitive price here at Ken Varey Town and Country Wear.

Get your Pop-a-Pom winter hat today!

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