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The Pet Role Agency

Kevin Horkin the MD of Ken Varey Town and Country has been a regular contributor and pet consultant to many TV programmes including This Morning and Coronation Street.

ITV’s Touch of Frost once called for a flatulent bulldog which Kevin was able to supply. David Jason is a great animal lover, although the dog's wind breaking abilities didn't always meet with the film crew's approval.

The Sooty and Sweep Show, Pat Phoenix Love Story, You’ve Been Framed, Common as Muck, City Central and Blue Peter are just a few of the programmes who have used Pet

Most requests are for the more obvious animals such as cats and dogs, but there are more exotic assignments too. Ones that stick in Kevin’s mind are the Black Panther needed for a diamond commercial, and the reindeer for a Christmas variety show.

Kevin’s House is like a retirement home for animal actors – he has Jack Duckworth’s pigeons, Natalie’s cat Tiger, even Teresa the Turkey from Coronation Street – it's the only turkey that looks forward to Christmas and is one of the oldest in Britain. She has survived five Christmases!

Richard and Judy’s favourite is Snowy the Donkey, a regular on the Christmas week shows, who lives nearby.

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