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Wellington Boots - Our Expert Guide

At Ken Varey’s Town and Country Wear, we like to employ staff who really know what they’re talking about. Our various departments are staffed with experts in their respective fields and can offer clear, concise and up-to-date information and advice to customers wishing to buy exactly the right piece of outdoor clothing. Our wellington expert (yes, we have a wellington expert!) recently featured in an informative video showcasing some of our very best wellies to help you choose which is right for you.

While the humble wellington boot may seem a simple enough item, there are actually a great number of varieties particularly suited to certain seasons, outdoor pursuits, fashion tastes and more. Two of the pairs of wellies featured in the video, which is now available to watch at YouTube, are detailed below - please check out the video to see more.

Aigle parcours 2 vario 

Designed for those who spend a long time on their feet, whether walking or working, ISO Aigle boots are crafted by hand using pure natural rubber of superior quality. As well as being designed to keep the feet extremely comfortable even when walking long distances, these Aigle wellingtons feature a thick neoprene insole and lining (neoprene is famously used to create the protective scuba suits that protect and insulate divers from icy waters on deep descents).

The boots feature a waterproof gusset which, cleverly concealed, ensures the feet always remain perfectly dry. An innovative shock-absorbing sole completes ISO Aigle wellies, dramatically improving movement capacity and preventing fatigue from setting into the feet.

Le Chameau Wellies - Chasseur

Worn proudly all over the world by everyone from gamekeepers to members of European royal families, these boots are truly outstanding. Formed by hand from natural latex in the traditional method used by Le Chameau for 85 years, the boots are imbued with strength, durability and suppleness. The sole, which is of dual-density, is extremely resistant to any abrasions and has a powerful all-terrain grip, meaning you can wear these boots almost anywhere!

Dramatically enhancing the luxurious look and feel of Chasseur Le Chameau wellingtons is their full-grain leather lining, made using material supplied directly to the company by dedicated tanneries in Italy and France. Enclosing the feet completely, these full-length, zip-gusset wellies will stop any chill or clamminess whatever the temperature and will remain completely supple when wet thanks to a special damp-resisting treatment.

Please enjoy watching our wellington expert’s video before browsing our complete collection of wellington boots. If you need more help choosing the right pair for you, please call us on 01200 423267 or email

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