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Winter Wardrobe — Say Goodbye!

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Goodbye Winter - it was lovely knowing you! There, now that horrible season is out of the way, let’s start enjoying the springtime and getting ready for a lovely summer. It’s time to start putting your winter wardrobe in storage and thinking about the pleasures of the coming season - make sure you are stylishly and practically kitted out with the superlative range of outdoor clothing available from Ken Varey’s Town and Country Wear. Let us start you off with these very special deck shoes from Barbour...

We absolutely love Barbour clothing and accessories here at Ken Varey’s - and so too do our discerning customers! For over 120 years, the company have been producing an unrivalled collection of clothing and footwear designed to resist the power of the weather while ensuring the wearer remains stylish, elegant and refined. The cream of the collection is available from our website or store along with the most competent advice from our highly-trained and dedicated customer service staff.

Barbour Capstan Deck Shoes are designed for the warmer, brighter season, when they will catch every ray of available sunlight and make a real statement, as well as keeping your feet cool and comfortable all day, whatever you plan to do. Each pair is:

  • Sewn by hand to ensure complete perfection. Barbour cherry-pick their creative staff and each pair of footwear is lovingly and carefully stitched, making each pair unique in their perfection

  • The deck shoes have an impeccable finish and will retain that new-shoes look as long as they are well cared for using quality products

  • Superior leather is used to create the upper of Capstan deck shoes, offering a snug, warm and comfortable fit that will protect and safeguard your feet

  • Underneath, a sole of white rubber contrasts beautifully with the leather upper, creating the ideal look for smart/casual events of all kinds

  • A choice of two colour options is available. Go for Mahogany if you like a solid colour or try the Beige/Brown design for a more vibrant and striking appeal

Whichever pair of Capstan deck shoes you choose, you can purchase with confidence that you are investing in an item of undeniable superiority, created by a company with more than a century of practical experience and successful trading.

Check out Barbour Capstan Deck Shoes here and let us know what you think!

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