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Five Top Tips for Happy Hiking!

Country clothing

Now that we are getting some better weather once more, outdoor activities are coming to the top of everyone’s list and one of the best is the simplest - hiking. The pleasures of a good long walk through some beautiful countryside are hard to beat and, whether you decide to stick to the well-worn paths or choose to be a bit more adventurous, you want to do it in safety and style. That’s where Ken Varey Outdoor World comes in - here are our Top Five Hiking Tips!

Navigate Like a Pro

You want to make sure you have at least a basic idea of where you’re headed so the first thing to kit yourself out with is a decent compass. Silva is a good brand and there are several models to choose from in our Hiking Collection. If you prefer something a little more detailed (well, actually a LOT more detailed - down to individual trees!) then an Ordnance Survey map is what you need - we have got some of the most popular hiking hotspot areas covered. To be really precise, only a map measurer will suffice and again it is Silva who provide their expertise.

Get the Gear

It’s crucial to wear the right clothing for the area you’re going to be hiking in - remember that conditions can change very quickly and having good clothes and footwear could literally be the difference between life and death, though it’s unlikely to get that dramatic. Our Hiking Collection has everything you’ll need such as boots (both walking and welly) and warm jackets - the Klondike Fleece Jacket from Jack Wolfskin is currently available with a massive 31% so order now before they’re all gone!

Stay Balanced

The walking-staff is a classic hiker’s accessory, instantly giving you that raffish country air while simultaneously providing a useful, practical tool. Steady your walking, rest a tired limb, traverse stiles and other obstacles with ease, clear vegetation or debris from your path - it’s the Staff of Hike!

Cut some Slack

A knife is a versatile tool that will come in handy on a hike more often than you would think. Check out our SOG Seal Pup nylon sheath model, with its robust 4.75” partially-serrated stainless steel fixed blade. Comes with a carry sheath and accessory pouch so you can keep all your most important bits close at hand.

See it All

A hike isn’t just about walking; it’s about SEEING. All sorts of surprises lie in wait for the curious hiker and, to catch them all in close-up, you’re going to want some binoculars. We recommend our Bushnell H20 10 x 42mm waterproof binoculars for the crispest, clearest view, even if the British weather starts to play up.

We would love to see photos of you on your hikes and hear stories about what you have got up to so please email them to us and you could soon be featuring in our news pages. Happy Hiking!

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