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Joules Clothing — Add Some Colour to Your Life...

As festival season comes headbanging into town, lots of us are digging out our groovy coloured wellies to beat the mud while remaining in complete cool mode at the same time - not the easiest of things to do! If this sounds like you, cast your mind back to a sadder time, a time where dreary wellies were standard and it didn’t even matter if you got them filthy as there was no colour to ruin…

This was the sight that greeted soon-to-be-bestselling designer Tom Joule when visiting an outdoor event some years ago. When doing a spot a people-watching, Tom realised that something was wrong with the picture - he couldn’t equate these dull, boring wellies with the people wearing them, who he knew to be fun, interesting, vibrant and, of course, colourful!

Deciding to go to extremes in his bid to colour in the nation’s wellies, he opted for an intense bright pink colour for his first experiment, which was produced in a strictly-limited batch of just 50 pairs. These promptly sold out before you could say ‘Glastonbury’ and a phenomenon was born - Joules Clothing quickly came to occupy and impressively-reputable yet distinctively-unique position in the market.

The company now produces a comprehensive range of outdoor clothing and we absolutely love it here at Ken Varey Outdoor World - as do our customers! The innovative, forward-thinking brand are always producing new clothes and accessories to perfectly suit the season in terms of both style and functionality and you are guaranteed a competitive price from us. Currently making a splash on the country clothes scene and available from Ken Varey’s include:

Nessa Tee, for Her - a delightfully-classic floral print on your choice of a grey or green background creates a look that is at once casual and formal, making this a versatile summer garment for hot days and cold nights.

Cargo Shorts, for Him - hope you have been working on those leg muscles! These twill shorts are perfect for beach or poolside wear and the secure pockets mean you don’t have to worry about losing your valuables

There is so much more to see in the Joules collection at Ken Varey Outdoor World so if you are ready to start building up the perfect summer wardrobe then all you have to do is click here to start exploring!

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